Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

So things have been crazy busy at our house for the last month! My sister got married a week and a half ago so needless to say I was ridiculously busy with all the last minute things we had to do and for the fact that I made her wedding cake. So I've got a hundred projects I want to share with you but my camera won't work, boo...
It must be all the emotion the wedding stirred up but I can't help but get all weepy when I look at Cadyn, especially when she is sleeping. So here are a few pictures of my sleepy, beautiful little monkey...hope you enjoy :)

Almost 2 weeks old here (and sleeping with Mommy's "blankie")

One of my favorites...wearing the first outfit we bought when we found out we were expecting! Gotta love the duckies...5 months old

My tiny baby (4lb 7oz) finally got chunky...6 months

So sleepy after church and snuggling her best friend Lucy - 9 months

Ha! One year old!

On vacation - 22 months

Her new big girl bed! 2 years 4.5 months

Gotta love the way this girl sleeps...2 years 9 months

My precious little one, 2 years 9 months

Completely worn out camping - 3 years 1.5 months

Wow...what a journey! God has truly blessed this momma :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Curious George

Well, it took a few days longer than I wanted but I'm finally getting around to putting up what I made...it's an adorable Curious George birthday cake for a cute little guy named Kiptyn Ladd! The bottom tier is butter pecan with vanilla buttercream and the top layer is french vanilla with vanilla buttercream.
After stacking and crumb coating the cakes I rolled out my yellow fondant and covered the bottom tier. Then rolled out the red fondant pretty thin and cut out the strips and attached them using a damp paper towel to make the fondant tacky.
Next I stacked the cakes. For this cake I chose to secure the layers together, using two dowel rods, because it was going to be traveling several miles to the party.
A couple pretzel rods with fondant leaves, blue letters and some banana runts and all I needed was the monkey!
This cake was a little of a pickle because of the extreme humidity and the dark fondant...but I made it through and the cake turned out adorable! Happy 2nd birthday Kippers!