Monday, September 26, 2011

Side Table Makeover

Hi, long time no blog! I'm really excited to share one of my newest projects with you and even more excited that it cost me nothing!

I inherited this little table from a friend who was moving and it has been sitting next to this chair as a junk catcher for 2 it was in need of some serious love. I started by giving it a good sanding with some sandpaper....just enough to get the shine off the laminate and help the paint stick. I didn't worry about completely sanding down the water damage on the top because I figured it just added to the character.

I put on a coat of primer and then a coat of Rustoleum Heirloom White spray paint with a satin finish. I have got to tell you......I LOVE Rustoleum spray paint!! It goes on so quickly and evenly that I only had to do one coat on this little table!

After the paint dried I went back with my sandpaper and roughed up the edges to give it a distressed look. And then I grabbed some stain that I used on my dining room table and used a rag to wipe it all over.......but I forgot to take pictures......sorry! Just rub on the stain and wipe it off until you get your desired look. After everything was dry I slapped on a coat of polycrylic just to protect the top from more water damage.

So here she is in all her distressed beauty!

Now my lovely little table actually looks like she belongs here instead of just being thrown back in the corner for a time out!

On another note, I'm posting a few pictures of this cute fall vase I made for my mantle that, again, cost me nothing! I'm only posting the after pictures because my camera refuses to let me get my other pictures loaded on the computer. I started with my vase, candle, pinto and navy beans, and some empty ribbon spools. I put the ribbon spools in the vase until I got the right height I wanted for my candle and then just filled in with the beans. And I finished it off with a raffia bow! I've been seeing similar things on Pinterest (don't you just love Pinterest!) and as soon as I saw this vase sitting looking very lonely on my shelf I knew exactly what I was going to do with her.....I hope you enjoy!

Hope you find something crafty to do today! And Happy Fall!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Little Wedding Shoes

My daughter was the flower girl in my sister's wedding this past August. This was definitely a DIY wedding! We worked for hours on all the little details, doing almost everything ourselves to save money. It was a ton of work but it paid off in the was a beautiful wedding! (I'll put some pictures up here once my sister gets the cd.) Since we had a small budget we bought generic items and personalized them ourselves. These shoes cost $5 on clearance and the fabric was leftover from other wedding projects!

What I used was a sheer blue fabric, yellow crushed silk-like fabric and a hot glue gun.......easy!

I cut my strip of yellow fabric a little over an inch wide and folded it in half and twisted and hot glued until I had the right size rosette.

I forgot to take pictures of the next step......but it's pretty easy to imagine :) I cut a couple little strips of blue and glued them down how I liked them and then added the rosette to the middle.

Sorry for the blurry picture! It was on my phone and she wouldn't stop twirling in her "pretty dress."

Pretty stinkin' cute if I do say so myself!

Hope you find something crafty to do today!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cinnamon Sugar Muffins

So this morning I was in the baking mood....I think it was a lovely cool fall weather! I really wanted to make blueberry muffins but alas, no blueberries. Then I stumbled upon this little recipe and it is wonderful. I found the recipe here. The only thing I did different was I added some vanilla, somewhere between 1/2 and 1 teaspoon, to the batter. And I made mini muffins instead of full size muffins because I love to have the option to just have a little bite.

Aren't these just the cutest little muffins ever? I know it's good when my 3 year old comes in and says, "I really like that...can I bite it?" :) I filled the mini muffin cups all the way full of batter and baked them for 15 minutes.

After baking the muffins, melt your butter and combine your cinnamon and sugar and you're ready to roll.....literally!

First roll it in the butter. (oh....Paula Deen would be proud!)

Then roll it in the cinnamon/sugar mixture.

Now to finish the rest...

And voila! You have a beautiful little bite of muffin :)

Hmm.....the only thing missing is a refill of my Pioneer Woman inspired iced coffee!

Hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

So things have been crazy busy at our house for the last month! My sister got married a week and a half ago so needless to say I was ridiculously busy with all the last minute things we had to do and for the fact that I made her wedding cake. So I've got a hundred projects I want to share with you but my camera won't work, boo...
It must be all the emotion the wedding stirred up but I can't help but get all weepy when I look at Cadyn, especially when she is sleeping. So here are a few pictures of my sleepy, beautiful little monkey...hope you enjoy :)

Almost 2 weeks old here (and sleeping with Mommy's "blankie")

One of my favorites...wearing the first outfit we bought when we found out we were expecting! Gotta love the duckies...5 months old

My tiny baby (4lb 7oz) finally got chunky...6 months

So sleepy after church and snuggling her best friend Lucy - 9 months

Ha! One year old!

On vacation - 22 months

Her new big girl bed! 2 years 4.5 months

Gotta love the way this girl sleeps...2 years 9 months

My precious little one, 2 years 9 months

Completely worn out camping - 3 years 1.5 months

Wow...what a journey! God has truly blessed this momma :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Curious George

Well, it took a few days longer than I wanted but I'm finally getting around to putting up what I's an adorable Curious George birthday cake for a cute little guy named Kiptyn Ladd! The bottom tier is butter pecan with vanilla buttercream and the top layer is french vanilla with vanilla buttercream.
After stacking and crumb coating the cakes I rolled out my yellow fondant and covered the bottom tier. Then rolled out the red fondant pretty thin and cut out the strips and attached them using a damp paper towel to make the fondant tacky.
Next I stacked the cakes. For this cake I chose to secure the layers together, using two dowel rods, because it was going to be traveling several miles to the party.
A couple pretzel rods with fondant leaves, blue letters and some banana runts and all I needed was the monkey!
This cake was a little of a pickle because of the extreme humidity and the dark fondant...but I made it through and the cake turned out adorable! Happy 2nd birthday Kippers!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Well hello blog world! I love reading other blogs, especially about crafty things, so I finally decided to create my own. I am a youth minister's wife and momma to a sweet 3 year old little girl. Look for my first creation in the next few days...I’ll give you a tastes yummy!